Rev. David Brainerd


Rev. David Brainerd was a Minister of the Gospel, a Missionary to the Indians on the borders of New York, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania, from the Honorable Society in Scotland, for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge, and Pastor of a Church of Christian Indians in New Jersey. He died at Northampton, New England, October 9th 1747, at Age 30.

I am of no denomination or specific religion. However, it seems to me that all born again believers form the one body of Christ, regardless of religious affiliation. The accounts of Rev. Brainerd's life, shed light on a unique perspective of Christianity. It is the story of a man, who struggled to spread the good news of Christ. We see his humanity and his difficulty, which is often hidden from the world in religious publications. It also causes me to pause and ask myself, If someone were to publish my diary, would it be profitable for others to read? Sometimes the darkest moments in life, are when God's light shines the brightest.